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Well as we all know moms are the best. They pick you up when you are down, offer tough love when you need it and they always know what's up! So for Mother's day this year we want to honor the moms in Cebu city (and nearby) by designing a special series of greeting cards for Mother's day. We need your help to get this project rolling.

We'd like to hear how your mom has been awesome. Just fill in the form below before April 25, 2017 and in return we'll give you a special edition greeting card inspired by all the different stories about moms. The cards will be available for pick-up in Lahug (details to follow) or we can mail it straight to you (mailing rates apply). They'll be ready by the first week of May, just in time for you to send it to your mom on Mother's day.

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Thank you!

Your friends at Happy Garaje 

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